Hunter Defence COVID-19 Update

The Defence Advocates Meeting with CASG was held on 26 March and the following provides an overview of discussion points, key initiatives, and how Hunter Defence can support those in our region during this unprecedented chapter in Defence. Overview: The Nation is in unchartered territory, as are all other nations A huge amount of work is being done at a Federal level, as well as National Security Committee (NSC), National Cabinet, and other groups [...]

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Defence Business Development 101

A one-day seminar that provides valuable information to help aspiring businesses prepare for their entry to the Defence market by engaging a thoughtful strategy, identifying tenders, following a logical response process, and making the best use of trade shows. There will also be the opportunity to meet with experienced regional Industry network leads for a tailored one-on-one consultation following the seminar from either Hunternet or AIDN NSW. An Expression of Interest application will be [...]

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Defence Tendering 101

The Australian Industry and Defence Network Incorporated (AIDN) NSW, Hunter Defence and Goal Group have teamed to deliver a seminar for businesses that are seeking opportunities in the Defence market. Defence Tendering 101 The seminar, Defence Tendering 101, will be delivered by an exceptionally experienced presenter with over two decades of front-line Defence tendering and project implementation experience in Australia’s Defence Industry. The seminar provides valuable information to help aspiring businesses prepare for their first [...]

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Defence Cyber Regulatory Controls

The Defence Cyber Regulatory Controls seminar highlights Defence Regulatory Compliance as a requirement....and a Strategic Advantage, including: The rise of Supply-Chain Cyber Security; The current compliance environment (both commercial and Defence); How NIST SP800-171 will change the security landscape for the supply chain, and why that matters; The underlying goals of cyber security regulations; A tool for analyzing compliance exposure to primary global regulations; An understanding of ‘Risk’ in the Defence industry; A tool [...]

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Collaboration in Defence

A half-day seminar on collaboration in Defence. It will utilise case studies and experience from Industry professionals. This seminar will cover practical know-how, and exemplar case studies including: Why do we collaborate? The power (or non-power) of the NDA Why do it? Real considerations Capability fit Charter Values Professional network influence The fundamentals of ongoing negotiations Sub-contracting basics NDA Teaming Agreement Tendering Contract Deliverables IP Protection Register Interest Presented by Hunter Defence, AIDN [...]

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Defence Legal Considerations

A one-day seminar that will deliver a set of topics deemed essential to success in the Defence market. They will help to ensure that you remain aware of the legal framework applicable to you. Defence introduces a number of legal and contracting challenges for small businesses aiming to enter the market. These challenges are unique from the general commercial ones in that their influence can mean success or failure in the market. Legal and [...]

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Custodial Information Management – Internal Threat Mitigation for the Defence Supply Chain

This Seminar will build knowledge of how Custodial Information Security can provide crucial insight into the risks associated with having custody of the Controlled, Unclassified Information necessary to participate in Defence contract work. The Seminar will address the following: Why are data breaches still occurring; What is People Centric Security (PCS) and what security does it offer; What is Data Centric Security (DCS) and what does it offer; How PCS and DCS provide the [...]

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Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

A half day seminar that will build knowledge and organisational capacity to understand the requirements for managing security risks and meeting the initial and ongoing requirements of DISP membership. The Department of Defence (Defence) requires any Industry Entities to hold an appropriate level of DISP membership when working on sensitive or classified information or assets; storing or transporting Defence weapons or explosive ordnance; providing security services for Defence bases and facilities; or as a [...]

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Defence Export Controls

A half-day seminar that will focus on awareness of the Australian and US regulations from the perspective of an Australian SME, including: an overview of the ITAR, EAR, and DEC; how the ITAR and EAR applies to all levels of your business; how to establish a compliance program in your business; advise on the transfer and retransfer requirements for sub-contractors; record keeping requirements; and details on licensing and agreement types relevant to Australian businesses. [...]

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Advanced Defence ISO

This seminar will introduce attendees to the additional ISO requirements they face when dealing directly with Defence primes, tier 1 Defence customers, and Capability and Sustainment Group (CASG). The seminar will cover the following topics: Best Practices in Project Management - ISO 10006 Guidelines for Quality in Project Management including PMBOK and PRINCE2 disciplines; Functional Form, Fit, and Function - ISO 10007 Configuration Management including process interfaces to deliver products, components, systems and modules [...]

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Introduction to Defence ISO Standards

A one-day seminar that focuses on the ISO requirements applicable to Defence and Prime Contractors. Defence and various prime contractors have differing quality standards. This seminar covers these standards, including: Entry ticket certification – AS/NZS 9001:2016 Quality Management System Standard Supplier Contract Processes – ISO 10005:2018 and NATO AQAP Guidelines for Quality Plans Supplier Sustainment Assessment - AS/NZS 9004:2018 Guidance for achieving sustained success, and CASG Performance Excellence – Maritime Systems Division “Divisional Assurance [...]

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Defence Introduction

Defence Introduction is a one day seminar that provides valuable information to help aspiring businesses assess the defence market and understand what may be required to pursue opportunities. It is specifically focused around people characterised as “Explorer”, who are those companies considering an entry to Defence but finding the landscape just too complicated and full of (largely unfamiliar) jargon to determine if the market is right for them. There will also be the opportunity [...]

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SME Defence Readiness Seminars

"This unique program has been designed to assist SMEs to develop a sound and informed understanding of specific demands and processes that apply to how Defence employs and buys products and services, and to provide unwritten knowledge around the sheer complexity of Defence and Defence Industry to enable your company to formulate sensible business and selling strategies within the Defence sector, or more simply, if your company even wishes to proceed with pursuing Defence [...]

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Conference showcasing Defence opportunities

The 10th Anniversary Hunter Defence Conference is under way at Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley, where about 160 delegates and 30 presenters are discussing the diverse opportunities in the Defence sector for regional SMEs. Today’s Industry Showcase heard case studies from Hunter-based companies from a range of sectors who have successfully built solid portfolios of Defence work across land, sea and air, and in cyber technologies. One such success story is [...]

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