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Why the DRSS 2022 ‘Defence Technology Controls’ course is a must

The Defence Ready Seminar Series 2022 has been a big hit, with places for the remaining training modules set to be snapped quickly by SMEs keen to prepare and grow their business in defence. Up next: Defence Technology Controls!

This Expert level course is run by Kevin Chenney, Export Control and ITAR/EAR specialist at Goal Group, and a man who’s truly passionate about upskilling businesses on this critical facet of being ‘Defence Ready’.

So what exactly does the Defence Technology Controls course cover? And why is it such an important area to understand as a business working in the industry?

What does the module cover?

The Defence Technology Controls course aims to raise awareness of the various export control regulations applicable to Australian businesses, including:

“While plenty of information exists on the relevant websites,” says Chenney, “It’s expansive. This means it can be tricky to sift through and figure out what’s relevant to your business or what processes and procedures you need to implement to meet their compliance and operational standards.”

These issues are something he’s experienced and navigated first-hand, having worked for the Royal Australian Navy for 12 years.

Because he’s been there and done it from an operational perspective, his intention behind the course was to simplify what exists by pulling out relevant, up to date information and sharing it in a straightforward and engaging way.

Why is understanding these controls so critical?

“Without a solid understanding of the current defence technology controls that affect your business, you’re putting yourself at huge risk,” he says.

These risks include:

  • Reputational damage – If you breach any of these regulations, particularly the US ITAR, they’ll hold you to it. Your name will be out there, remaining in the public sphere permanently for Primes and Defence to see.
  • Financial losses – As well as being subject to fines and penalties of up to $1 million by ITAR, your business will likely suffer financially as a breach (or even just a lack of awareness) can affect your ability to secure future work in the defence industry. This includes future tenders. The Australian Department of Defence may even drop you from existing contracts.
  • Custodial sentences – One of the biggest risks is custodial sentences, with individuals facing up to 20 years in prison for breaching ITAR regulations for each violation.

The recent extradition of a Sydney-based businessman to the US to face ITAR penalties only brings the very real possibility of risk into focus. This and other key case studies are covered in more detail in the course.

“Another thing to bear in mind is that reaching out to the bodies directly for information can also be risky”, says Chenney. It puts your business in the spotlight for regulatory checks – not necessarily something you want to encourage.

What other modules does it work alongside?

 The Defence Technology Controls module is the perfect add-on to the following modules in the Defence Ready seminar series:

For businesses that have already participated in any of these modules, this course will expand on and solidify your knowledge in these key areas.

Register today – 40 fully-funded spots available!

 If your business is already working in the defence space, and you’re not 100 per cent clear on any of these defence technology control regulations, it’s definitely a course you should attend. Register your EOIs today to stay compliant!

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