Are you an SME that wants to break into the defence industry or is looking for new opportunities in the sector?

Defence is a multi-billion-dollar industry and SMEs provide more than half of the sector’s employees. There are many opportunities for regional manufacturers and providers of goods and services to participate, however many firms don’t know how to meet defence industry requirements or build the business relationships that will help them win contracts.

The Defence Ready Seminar Series can help SMEs gain an understanding of the compliance requirements and procurement processes specific to the defence industry so they can position their firm to be a defence supplier. The program can provide the knowledge SMEs need to develop successful business and selling strategies within the defence sector, as well as help firms to connect with contractors, fellow suppliers and industry experts and can alert them to contract opportunities and avenues for government assistance.

The aim is to help SMEs progress from being ‘Defence Interested’ to ‘Defence Ready’ – with potential to become an Advanced Defence SME or an industry Supplier of Choice.

The Defence Readiness Seminar Series is designed to assist SMEs to:

  • Develop sustainable organisational capabilities and competencies to meet Australian and International Defence Prime Contractor requirements;

  • Overcome identified weaknesses or shortfalls in their capabilities, competencies; or

  • When they must meet specific Defence tender requirements that require a credible response.

Learn about the Defence Ready Seminar Series



For those with little or no knowledge of the Defence market and wishing to discover if it may be for them.

Covers the basics of Defence awareness, including such things as procurement, Defence needs, innovation, funding, Global Supply Chains and a description of Defence Readiness. It is specifically designed for those “Explorer” SMEs considering an entry to Defence but finding the landscape complicated and full of (largely unfamiliar) jargon to determine if the market is right for them. It also suits those who need a refresher about the many changes in the Australian Defence Market.

For those entering the Defence market and wanting to know more about it.

Provides valuable information to help aspiring businesses look at the strategy development for Defence, brand and value proposition, along with the requirements for such diverse things as trade shows, networking, associations, submissions and contracting approaches.

Defence tendering can be a daunting and strenuous job for someone unfamiliar with it. This Virtual Workshop aims to provide a background to Defence tendering, including such things as planning, commons faults and Defence expectations.

Primes Supplier Quality and Engineering Auditing Requirements from ISO 9001 QMS certification through to AS9100D (Aerospace), IATF 16949 (Automotive/LAND); CASG Supplier Assessment Criteria and Performance Scorecards; ISO 9004 Sustained Organization Success and 5 Level Maturity Model
Self-Assessments); ISO 44001 Collaboration.

The course will build knowledge and organisational capacity to understand the requirements for managing security risks and meeting the initial and ongoing requirements of DISP membership.

Legal and contracting challenges appear in many different areas, ranging from tender requirements that relate directly to ADF, to teaming agreements that are essential for successful collaboration with fellow small businesses. A strong awareness of these requirements will provide businesses with a competitive advantage when approaching the market while also protecting your business reputation and success.

This virtual workshop will dive deeper into collaboration in Defence. It will utilise case studies and experience from Industry professionals who have been there themselves to give valuable experience to the attendees to take away themselves.

Defence Cyber Regulatory Controls as a requirement and a strategic advantage. This seminar will look at the current cyber threat environment and provide an understanding of how and why the cyber environment is like it is. Impacts relevant to SMEs will be covered.

This expert-led virtual workshop bundle will support managers and leaders to increase their understanding of the key concepts of mental health, while also learning supportive strategies and best practice in recognising, addressing, and supporting those experiencing mental ill-health in the workplace.

This bundle will fast-track your ability to create a BCP for your own company, which is generally a tender response requirement to be able to work as a vendor for Defence; and your ability to understand how BCP fits in the broader Defence sector’s internal processes and how Defence (as many other Australian Government agencies) has been challenged by recent disasters in terms of their own Business Continuity capability including supply chain disruptions.

For those already in the Defence market and now needing specific skill areas. 

This virtual seminar bundle will focus on providing an awareness of the Australian and US regulations from the perspective of an Australian SME, looking closely at the compliance requirements implicit with the handling and management of controlled technology.

Security Fundamentals: Mandatory legislations that companies must comply with (NDB / GDPR) are addressed, before moving on to Defence specific regulations like ITAR / NIST SP 800-171. Custodial Information Security and a definition of how it differs from traditional network/perimeter security solutions will also be addressed through a mixture of case histories and specific examples.

NATO and ISO 10005 Quality Plans, Quality in Project Management ISO 10006; Configuration Management ISO 10007; Information Security ISO 27001; Asset Management ISO 55001; Risk Management ISO 31000; Integrated Management Systems.

Following two successful Hunter Region series, the Defence Ready Seminar Series is now accepting expressions of interest Australia-wide.  The seminars will be scheduled to ensure maximum integration of outcomes into business and include guest presenters from local industry groups and companies where appropriate.

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