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TriHorizon is an Australian veteran-owned company focused on enhancing the operational readiness of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). We offer a range of services, including comprehensive system evaluations, maintenance strategies, spare parts analysis, engineering design, project management, and technical writing. Our expertise in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Engineering Support solutions helps optimise ADF systems, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and mission success.


TriHorizon is a proudly veteran-owned and operated company dedicated to enhancing the operational readiness and effectiveness of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Our unwavering commitment is underpinned by our extensive experience and expertise in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and developing Engineering Support solutions.

Our Core Services:
1. LSA, FMECA, RCM, and Maintenance Baseline Analyses: TriHorizon conducts comprehensive evaluations to optimise system performance and reliability, ensuring the highest level of operational readiness for the ADF. Our team meticulously examines every aspect of your systems, identifying potential weaknesses and areas for improvement. Through Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), we develop tailored maintenance strategies that enhance system efficiency and mission success.

2. Spares and LORA Analyses: Our experts excel in conducting Spares and Level of Repair Analysis (LORA), enabling us to determine precise spare parts requirements for defence systems. We ensure that you have the right spare parts at the right time, minimising downtime and maximising equipment readiness. Our comprehensive assessments facilitate efficient logistics support, ensuring that critical assets are always mission-ready.

3. Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Design: TriHorizon specialises in crafting innovative design solutions tailored to your specific needs. We go beyond analysis and maintenance strategies to design systems that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of defence assets. Our mechanical and mechatronics engineering expertise ensures that your systems are optimised for peak performance, reliability, and mission success.

4. Project Management: We specialise in guiding organisations through transformative journeys. Our service empowers clients to strategically plan, execute, and manage significant programs and projects particularly within the defence industry, that drive change and deliver tangible benefits to their organisations.

5. Technical Writing: At TriHorizon, we take immense pride in our dedicated team of technical writers, who bring a wealth of experience to the forefront, specialising in the intricate and highly demanding field of the defence industry. Our team’s unique combination of skills and knowledge allows us to provide exceptional documentation and communication solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of this critical sector.

Being a veteran-owned and operated company is not just a badge of honor for us; it’s a reflection of our core values, a source of unique strengths, and a testament to our unwavering commitment to service, excellence, and the well-being of our veterans and our clients. It truly sets us apart in the marketplace and underscores our dedication to making a positive impact in everything we do. Join us in embracing the values of service, integrity, and excellence.


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