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Notus Group is Australia’s fastest-growing defence consulting firm with a top-notch professional network of former US Air Force, Marine Special Ops, ADF, and private business.


Our unique background positions me to significantly enhance the services offered by Thales Defence, exceeding expectations in several key areas:

  1.  **Operational Intelligence Excellence:**
    Leveraging my insights and strategies, Thales Defence can enhance its operational intelligence capabilities, providing actionable intelligence that drives informed decision-making.
  2.  **Strategic Analysis and Planning:**
    My experience in strategic intelligence analysis enables Thales Defence to deliver comprehensive reports, facilitating strategic planning and risk assessment for defence projects.
  3.  **Integrated Tactics Development:**
    Collaborating closely with Thales Defence teams, I can contribute to developing integrated tactics that optimize operational processes and ensure successful execution of strategic initiatives.
  4.  **Project Capability Consulting:**
    Drawing from my expertise in project capability delivery, I can assist Thales Defence in ensuring that large-scale defence contracts are executed with precision, meeting and exceeding client expectations.


AerospaceIntelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW)Research and Development (R&D)


13 Cave St, Semaphore SA 5019, Australia
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Brandon Hall


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