Please find the latest advice regarding ASDEFCON and Contracting Initiatives

To support the Defence Strategic Review and Defence Industry Development Strategy, Defence is reforming key elements of Defence’s procurement framework to set the foundations to best support the increased risk appetite, to be agile, and make smart decisions to enable speed to capability.

This email is to advise Industry of the release of the new ASDEFCON (Complex Services) template under the Procurement reform initiatives. The focus of this initiative is to develop and release a new simplified, standard procurement template for contracts with a broad range of on-going services valued between $4m – $20m (GST inclusive). The new template includes a management framework that drafters can apply to the provision of services that are defined by the drafter.

The ASDEFCON (Complex Services) template provides a fit for purpose solution, which can be used with minimal tailoring, for non-materiel procurements where strategic or more complex services are required. The template includes ‘pattern clauses’, as used throughout ASDEFCON, that can be used for managing any services required; for example, for garrison support, ICT support, professional services, and other services where there are no suitable panel arrangements or other ASDEFCON services template. The template also includes standardised options for the following:

a) helpdesk services, training support, support resources, quality management, and Health Safety and Environment services;

b) services management activities including planning, reporting, conducting meetings and reviews;

c) provision and management of GFM, GFS, GFF, term extensions, a Performance-Based Contracting (PBC) framework, and phasing in and out of complex services;

d) a number of possible payment mechanisms for recurring services, task-priced services, milestones and Survey and Quote (S&Q) services; and

e) Defence Industry Participation (DIP) clauses for non-materiel contracts valued between $4 million and $20 million (GST Inclusive).

A copy of ASDEFCON (Complex Services) templates can be accessed from the ASDEFCON (Complex Services) website.

The ASDEFCON templates are available online here.

Defence welcomes feedback on the new template, which can be provided to the ASDEFCON and Contracting Initiatives Help Desk: [email protected].