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Nupress, Lockheed Martin and Thales set to boost Hunter region defence profile

Busy few months for industry stakeholders in the Hunter

Defence suppliers in the Hunter Region have featured prominently in a range of capability areas across some significant national projects recently. For those among you fascinated by all things defence-related, read on for the latest developments from land, sea, air and space.


October kicked off with exciting news for the Nupress Group, who were selected along with Axiom Precision Manufacturing, by Lockheed Martin as global supply chain partners for the Orion spacecraft program, part of NASA’s Artemis missions to the Moon.

Since receiving their space quality certifications, Nupress has secured two contracts, awarded under Lockheed Martin’s Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia.

As a manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies, the achievements of the innovative team at Nupress will surely open doors for local opportunities in the Hunter Region.

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Lockheed Martin

That announcement from Nupress came hot on the heels of the September announcement that Lockheed Martin had been awarded Project AIR 6500-1, an air battle management system built to ensure a stronger, more secure Australia.

Lockheed Martin’s appointment demonstrates their ongoing ability to develop cutting-edge technology, as well as their strong leadership when it comes to providing modernised solutions for Australia’s response to current and emerging threats. Delivering customised technologies to support the Australian Defence Force (ADF) capabilities like this paves the way for Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) to achieve their vision to transform the Air Force into a fifth-gen-enabled force. It will also generate a range of opportunities for the Hunter given Lockheed Martin’s strong presence and commitment to the region.

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We have also recently seen Thales Australia announce the development of a masterplan to establish a Maritime Authority and SME Collaboration Precinct on the company’s Carrington site on Newcastle foreshore.

Proposed to support the Royal Australian Navy’s Mine Countermeasures and military Survey Capability SEA 1905-1 program, should Thales be selected to deliver the project, the potential to inject $40 million in the local Hunter economy in New South Wales in the first five years, and create over 100 new jobs.

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Hunter Defence is working hard to maximise the potential for SMEs in the region associated with these projects and we continue to highlight ‘defence ready’ nature of the Hunter across a range of forums at the local, state, and federal levels.

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