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ASDEFCON – Volume 2 v5.0 released

Version 5.0 of the ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2 template has been released, incorporating the following changes:

  • new provisions to align with the new enhanced Australian Industry Capability (AIC) contractual framework;
  • new Cyber Insurance provisions;
  • new provisions for use when the scope of work contains Commonwealth Funded Building Work (as defined in the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016); and
  • various updates reflecting changes in Defence policies and commercial standards.

A copy of ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2 V5.0 including a table of changes from version 4.0 to version 5.0 can be accessed from the ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2. Further detail on the AIC changes is provided below.

Please note that live updates to ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2 V4.0 were released relating to various other policy changes. Please refer to email dated 21 October 2021 headed ‘ASDEFCON (Support) v5.0 released’ for further information.

Enhanced Australian Industry Capability Contractual Framework

The ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2 template has been updated to incorporate the Enhanced Australian Industry Capability (AIC) Contractual Framework with changes including to:

  • strengthen tender and contractual terms to include specific and measurable AIC commitments, including expanded reporting requirements, that promote greater accountability for achieving the AIC Objectives;
  • elevate AIC as a core clause within both the Conditions of Contract and Statement of Work;
  • require measurement of contract expenditure within Australia and internationally;
  • include a new AIC remediation regime;
  • where relevant, clearly trace contractual requirements back to Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities set by Government; and
  • better maximise opportunities for Australian industry to participate in each procurement, while also recognising the core role of industry in delivering ADF Capability.

Extensive changes have been made to the financial sections of the template, in particular Tender Annex D (Financial) and Attachment B (Price and Payments). A new MS Excel® ASDEFCON Acquisition Pricing Workbook that incorporates the Enhanced AIC Contractual Framework has been created for use in preparing tender responses. This largely replaces the previous tables that appeared in MS Word® format.

A range of guidance material related to the Enhanced AIC Contractual Framework in ASDEFCON can be found at the bottom of the ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2 template page.

Further Guidance

Users requiring guidance on any of the ASDEFCON templates should consult the ASDEFCON and Contracting Initiatives Help Desk:

The SOW, SOW annexes, DIDs and DSDs are managed by ASDEFCON SOW Policy. If you have any queries relating to the SOW, SOW annexes, or the DIDs, please email:


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