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Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defence and civilian organisations. BISim utilises the latest game-based technology and a 200 strong, in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defence applications.Globally, many hundreds of military personnel are trained every year using VBS software products. More than 60 NATO and NATO-friendly countries and over 300 integrators and prime contractors use VBS technology, many making significant funding commitments to extend VBS product capabilities. Customers include the Australian Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Swedish Armed Forces, French MoD and UK MoD, and most major integrators. VBS products have become by far, the world's most widely used COTS product range in the military-simulation sector, supporting hundreds of military use cases and vastly greater military exploitation than any comparable products.

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  • Training & Software Development}


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