Are you an SME that wants to break into the defence industry or is looking for new opportunities in the sector?

Defence is a multi-billion-dollar industry and SMEs provide more than half of the sector’s employees, so there are plenty of opportunities for regional manufacturers and providers of goods and services to participate. However, many firms don’t know how to meet defence industry requirements or build the business relationships that will help them win contracts.

Hunter Defence can help SMEs gain an understanding of the compliance requirements and procurement processes specific to the defence industry so they can position their firm to be a defence supplier.

Our education and preparedness workshops provide the knowledge SMEs need to develop successful business and selling strategies within the defence sector. We also help firms to connect with contractors, fellow suppliers and industry experts and can alert them to contract opportunities and avenues for government assistance.

Our aim is to help SMEs progress from being ‘Defence Interested’ to ’Defence Ready’ – with potential to become and Advanced Defence SME or an industry Supplier of Choice.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Prerequisites and participation policy
  • Certifications and accreditations
  • Procurement processes
  • Security (ITAR, DSA, DISP etc)
  • Tendering, bidding and sub-tendering
  • Trade shows
  • Advanced ISO certification
  • Capability statements and gateway profiles
  • Quad charts
  • Advanced ISO certification
  • Export controls
  • Cyber maintenance and threat mitigation

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