Primes supplier quality and engineering auditing requirements from ISO 9001 QMS certification to AS9100D (Aerospace), IATF 16949 (Automotive/LAND); CASG supplier assessment criteria and performance scorecards; ISO 9004 Sustained Organization Success and 5 Level Maturity Model Self-Assessments; ISO 44001 Collaboration.


  • Those entering the market and wanting to know more about it.




  • Virtual workshops x 4
  • Podcasts x 1

4 weeks


  • Entry ticket certification – AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management System standard – Building the required process documentation to integrate risk-based  thinking, strategic analysis, performance and operational excellence, risks, and  opportunities, and conduct internal audits of processes as per ISO TS 9002:2016
  • Supplier contract processes – ISO 10005:2018 and NATO AQAP Guidelines for  Quality Plan to document the processes, roles, responsibilities, and controls for  meeting a defence prime contract conditions complementing AS/NZS ISO Quality  Management System standards
  • Supplier self-assessment – AS/NZS ISO 9004:2018 self-assessment based upon a  five-level maturity model and determine the gaps in business processes in  meeting operational excellence or business excellence model criteria
  • Risk-based thinking – Using ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines to  strengthen the risks and opportunities within a supplier’s management system and better mitigate the risks associated with embedding not linking  processes and their continual improvement to the strategy of the business
  • Problem-solving – Practical corrective action needs to be effective and demonstrated within the management system. The AS/NZS ISO 9000:2016 Quality Management principles provide such guidance to engage with people  and build supplier relations
  • Strategic analysis techniques as SWOT, PESTEL, stakeholder / interested parties  analysis will be covered to capture the context or operating environment suppliers face and where they can better compete and grow
  • Participants can bring / make available their current management system  documentation (certified or not); sample of their corrective actions; customer or  third party certification body audit findings


  • Learn why ISO management system standards require organisations to  document a management system by their business processes
  • Defining internal and external issues that must be analysed to drive strategy
  • Capturing the risks and opportunities and embedding these into business processes
  • How to design a documented and certified system to processes from clauses
  • Aligning continual improvement initiatives to the documented process approach
  • Best practice corrective action, problem-solving to resolve non-conformances


On Demand


  • Introduction to seminar and  facilitator 
  • Description of seminar  bundle incl learning outcomes



Week 1


  • Understanding the Defence Industry contexts and operating environment for where Accredited Certification to ISO 9001 is required as an entry ticket.
  • The Guidance provided by the ISO 9000 Family of management system standards to document the SME business system by its current processes.
  • Review of ISO 9001:2015 Clauses 1-3 for guidance to system documentation by processes
  • Benefits for such process-based documentation format and introduce Clause 4 Context of the Organisation to respect and Keep what has made the SME capable for supplying defence sub-primes and primes.
  • Using the Guidance from the International Aerospace Quality Group for a] the AS9100 Changes which is based upon ISO 9001:2015; b] understanding the advice to document the Suppliers Management System by its Business Processes and not at the time, the Clauses 4 -10.

Virtual Workshop


30 min bump in, 30 minute virtual workshop, plus 30 minute chat room participation

Virtual Workshop


  • Having a leadership development plan and strategies in place as part of the succession planning activities within your business 
  • Engaging your people in understanding the context of the business for Defence situational awareness 
  • Communicating and reporting your business and its management systems performance to your defence customers along with your staff as part of your leadership team’s behaviour

Virtual Workshop

30 minute virtual workshop, plus 30 minute Q&A participation

Week 3


  • Identification of the risk and opportunities within the process is of the eyes are 9001 or AS9100D, IATF16949 certified quality management systems. 
  • setting quality objectives and planning how to achieve them. 
  • developing and maintaining documented information on the achievement of quality objectives to satisfy customers and those in defence. 
  • Conducting any change management activities within the quality management system and allocating or re allocating available resource is within the roles and responsibilities of current job descriptions

Virtual Workshop

30 minute virtual workshop, plus 30 minute Q&A participation

Week 4


  • This workshop is the core of having I documented management system that captures the flow of your business process is to satisfy your sub-prime or Defence prime clients.
  • Having a process based documented management system will enable the SME to integrate both ISO and non-ISO management system standards within their business process is which is a requirement overall ISO management system standard.
  • All ISO management system standards presented in the defence ready seminars require the SME and the primes to have their process is documented to conform to many of the clauses in what is called now the Harmonised Structure (HS) within all ISO management system standards.
  • This Harmonised Structure as of May 2021, is ONLY to be used by ISO management system standard writers and NOT for users including SMEs to document their management systems in readiness for an external conformity assessment audit.
  • This workshop session will provide guidance twosome optional process approaches and frameworks for SMS to document their management system or to re-engineer it by its processes to then resubmit for a JAS-ANZ Accredited 3rd Party Body certification to ISO 9001, AS9100D, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 44001, ISO 45001, ISO 55001 etc 
  • As with the previous workshops and all the defence readiness seminar sessions, SMEs will need to identify their risk and opportunities within their business processes.

Virtual Workshop

30 minute virtual workshop, plus 30 minute Q&A participation


4.5 hours instructions


AiGroup Members’ representative on the Standards Australia national committee QR-008 (Quality) and Institute of Management Consultants representative to SF-001 (OH&S). ISO international roles as “Technical Expert” for Quality Management and Quality Assurance; Australian Head of Delegation for the Task Force revision of ‘Annex SL High Level Structure’; co-convener ISO 9001 Brand Integrity; member of ISO 9001 Survey and Review; Quality Tools and Techniques for ISO 9001.

Accredited ISO 20700:2017 Trainer for Australian and international management consultants. AQF Accreditations in Competitive Systems and Practices, Training and Assessment; Advanced Diploma of Management; Frontline Management and Production Engineering. Designed and delivered strategic improvement programs for DoD, RAAF, RAN and Army. Conducted DoD CASG independent reviews, benchmarking and quality management with Maritime and Air Domains with Goal Group.

Michael’s firm, McLean Management Consultants, was established in 1988 and has completed assignments in three level of government, private and not-for-profit in Australia and internationally. Commonwealth and State public submission for Defence 2015 Whitepaper; Inland Rail Senate Inquiry, NSW Freight Transport and NSW Department of Trade and Investment Manufacturing Strategy research. A Part-Time lecturer in MBA at MGSM and UoW in Supply Chains, Lean and Operations Management; UTS Advanced and Entrepreneurial MBA Advisory Council; Senior Advisor Australian Graduate School of Leadership. Published three books, and Academic peer reviewed research ‘B’ rated publications in supply chains. Previous quality, OH&S, production engineering, trade, HR and productivity manager with STC /ITT Australia, USA and Belgium; AMCO-Wrangler; Comalco Rio Tinto; Tenneco (National Springs) and then with WD Scott Management Consultants. A Fellow: AICD, AOQ, IMC Australia – CMC. A Dr JM Juran Medallist and Hunter Defence Task Force Member.


EOI cut-off: 23 February

Successful applicants notified: 24 February - 2 March

Course joining instructions issued: 2 March

Course timing: 17 March – 7 April – Weekly 2-hour workshops on a Thursday. 10am - 12pm.

The Defence Ready Seminar Series is being delivered thanks to funding and collaboration with the Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) and, for each seminar, forty (40) funded places are being made available to SMEs.

The Defence Department has set very clear guidance around the criteria for access to one of the forty funded places within each of the thirteen courses, and priority will be given to Hunter and regional-NSW based SMEs, building capability to potentially partner on Defence projects in the future.

With the full seminar series rolling out over the next twelve-months, Hunter Defence will be scheduling ongoing communications as each course gets close to commencing. If your organisation has been successful in achieving a funded place in one of these courses, Hunter Defence will let you know three (3) weeks before your selected seminars(s) of interest are due to start.

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